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Together We Can Make a Difference

Sara is ready to fight for our values here at home in Salem, NH.  She is working toward more affordable housing and effective healthcare for all Granite Staters, and to elevate the need for women's reproductive rights. The values in our community are also very important to her, specifically, LGBTQ+ equality and high-quality education across the state. Lastly, she is looking toward the future with evidence-based approaches for treating addiction and the eradication of homelessness. Sara is running for NH State Representative to be a voice for our future and to fight for equality.

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Our Students Matter

Salem- our students matter.

As your State Rep, I will make it my purpose to protect and support our students and teachers. Schools need to be a safe space that fosters learning, development, and exploring.  That's it.  Not a place where active shooter drills need to occur nor a place where teachers are tasked with putting their lives on the line.  Guns should not be allowed in the vicinity of any of our schools and I will support any and all legislation to that effect.

I believe that individual school districts should have the autonomy to make their own decisions. What works for folks in Berlin or Keene may not work for us here in Salem, especially for extended learning, alternative, or work-based educational programming.  Let's give the Salem School District, school boards, and community the ability to make decisions on the behalf of our students and overall learning community.

We need to continue to invest and funnel resources into our schools.  Mental health supports, counselors, social workers, alternative learning programming, special education, and the arts are needed more now than before.  Let's set our students up for success at their foundations.

Our teachers do invaluable work for our students and communities.  They are constantly giving their whole selves to their students.  COVID has made their work even more challenging and demanding.  I will support legislation that invests in our teachers.

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