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Sara Dillingham is running for New Hampshire State Representative because of her commitment to advancing our state and elevating the voices of Salem residents. Sara is a proud graduate of Nashua High School North, The University of New Hampshire, and The University of Southern California.  She has experience working with individuals and supporting community development at the grassroots level.   

Sara currently works at an educational nonprofit dedicated to lessening the achievement gap.  Throughout her professional and academic career, advocacy, inclusion, and collaboration have remained at the center. 

While earning her Bachelor's degree in Social Work and Women's Studies at The University of New Hampshire, Sara embraced her call for advocacy work by joining many campus and community-based organizations fighting for equality and change.  Sara rallied in Concord in 2009 for same-sex marriage legislation and was later awarded the Pink Triangle Award for her LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts. 

In furthering her education, Sara pursued a Master's degree in Social Work at The University of Southern California. Sara focused her studies on women's reproductive rights, menstrual equity, and the intersectionality of systemic issues. Sara is invested in being a public servant and advocating for equality. 

All of Sara's passions and professional experiences have lead her to running for New Hampshire State Representative.  She is ready to utilize public office to amplify the voices of others and fight for justice. 

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