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Pulling from her professional training as a social worker as well as her passion for Granite State, Sara is ready to advocate and elevate the concerns of Salem residents. Her guiding principals include transparency in government, affordable healthcare for all, and LGBTQ+ equality. As Sara meets more of her constituents, she will learn and better be able to champion their concerns.



Given Sara’s background in advocacy work, she is a firm believer in transparency and communication in government. In order for Salem residents to be connected to state government happenings, she will increase information on what is coming up before the House and committees, when scheduled public hearings are, and will tap into Salem residents to convey what is needed at the local level.


COVID-19 has brought the complexities and pitfalls of our current healthcare system to light.  All Granite Staters deserve adequate healthcare and insurance.  With the Affordable Care Act and its protections being debated regularly, NH needs to implement a safety net for all residents.  Nurses, doctors, technicians, EMTs, and other medical staff deserve more support and protections from the state.

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LGBTQ+ Equality

There have been incredible strides for LGBTQ+ equity in the Granite State. However, there is much more work to be done. Family leave laws neglect LGBTQ+ inclusive terminology, leaving room for employer interpretation and discrimination. In NH, "gay and trans panic" may be used to excuse murder and assault in court cases. There are also no gender-neutral markers on birth certificates nor the ability to edit such documents to reflect actual gender.  While LGBTQ+ rights are often reconsidered periodically, she will work hard to uphold and progress LGBTQ+ protections.

Treating Addiction

New Hampshire faces one of the highest drug overdose death rates in the country. As a community, we must look to evidence-based practice to support our fellow New Hampshirites battling this brutal disease. We must highlight and recognize the other areas that may affect and cause opioid addiction, such as homelessness, mental health, and unemployment. Defeating addiction and supporting our neighbors will ultimately boost not only our overall state health, but also our state economy.


Check back here for more updates throughout the campaign.  We want to hear what issues are important to you.

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